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I’m Back…

After taking off from coaching last year (2014) and being an Assistant Coach the prior year, I tossed my hat back into the coaching arena for 2015.

I contacted two local organizations and hope to contact a 3rd over the weekend.

I’ve been around long enough to know and from my experience from the last two times I was an assisant coach, that I need to get back to being the Head Coach.


Because this is youth football not the NFL and I’m tired of Dads and wanne be coaches trying to impress the kids by running RGIII style “Read” offenses or the Eagles’ spread ’em out “throwing” offense…

C’mon man…you watch too much T.V. and your freak’n ego is going to explode your head!

If you’re a first time head coach, you cannot come in with the idea that you’re going to run offense X because you think it’s cool or offense Y because that’s the “latest” high-school offense.

…it’s not about YOU…it’s about the kids…

Unless you’ve coached the kids in prior years, you cannot go into the season with the notion of running an offense or defense without knowing what you’ve got player wise and talent wise.

Give me 3 studs and I’ll score all day long regardless of what offensive scheme I’m running.  It doesn’t matter because…

… I got the Jimmy’s and Joe’s…

Any schmuck whose got a talented kids, i.e, the Jimmy’s and Joe’s, will be able to have a good season. PERIOD. It doesn’t take much coaching when you can outmatch your opponents.

What you should do is come in with the idea of teaching the fundamentals of running, blocking, tackling, and teamwork. And while you’re teaching these fundamentals, begin to size up your players.

You have to fit the “system” to the “players” and NOT  try and fit the players to a system.

  • Do you have any studs?
  • Do you have mostly minimum play players?
  • Do you have speed?
  • Are you players slow?
  • Are your players stupid?
  • Can anyone throw the ball 30 yards?
  • Can anyone punt, kick-off, field goals… (30% of the game is special teams)?
  • Do you have to teach or reteach the fundamentals? That is do you kids know the proper way to tackle, block, run, catch etc…

Once you get a feel of your players talent, then you can determine how to best use that talent, i.e, what type of offense, defense, and special teams schemes will best fit your players.

For example,

  • You can’t run a spread-run-n-gun if you can’t throw the ball wth any distance or accuracy yet I see this from wanne bee coaches all the time…
  • You can’t run the READ offense PERIOD! It takes years of training between the QB and running backs to be able read defenses and especially the play of the Defensive End to be able to determine duh “should I give it to the Fullback or should I tuck it and run..? C’mon man, this is youth football…

So what do you do?

What you do is learn the Turley System.

The Turley System is a simple offensive shceme with a tremendous amount of flexibility and freedom and can become incredibly sophisticated IF YOU SO CHOOSE

It gives you and your coaches greater freedom to improvise and quickly adapt. Because the system is so very flexible and adaptable, you can add a play on game day based recent scouting or injury reports.

It’s a system that is easily learned by the kids as well as coaches and staff.

Think of it like reading….first you learn words then sentences then you put those words and sentences together to form paragraphs, pages, books, etc…

The “Turley” system lets you fit the “system” to the “players”…and along with the fundamentals, that’s what it takes to be a successful coach and have a successful season.

Next time, will begin to take a look at the Turley System of Football.

(Thank you coach Matthews …)

Until then, Practice Hard, Play Hard

Coach H




Coaching a 12/13 year old football team?

Question by 7Fly: Coaching a 12/13 year old football team?
I have been asked to coach the offense of a 12/13 peewee football team for a city in september. I was wondering what type of plays to run with them. My dream is to run the pistol offense or spread…BUT … there only 12/13 and i need a good gunslinger for that…and plus i dont even know if they can grasp that, i am only 16 so this is a pretty big task.

I am very knowledgeable on offense, so in the comments if you put actual formations like “shotgun” or “wishbone” etc. i will know what it means :)

If you could list a few plays, formations and even link a few videos that would be great.

Also i am very aware of the west coast scheme so you can use that terminology too.

i would just like to here from you guys on what has worked with you personally or your kids etc.

Thank You

Best answer:

Answer by A21
Double Wing is the easiest. I strongly suggest you join this site coach.

Bob your an idiot. It’s youth football, you can be an assistant coach at 16 for youth football.

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How often are youth injured in football?

Question by susieQ: How often are youth injured in football?
Is youth football safe? What type of injuries may happen?

Best answer:

Answer by Metallica/Iron Maiden Are Beasts
It is. You have a helmet, shoulder pads, knee pads, and thigh pads. Youth football is safe. I play High School football currently and I’ve only been sore. Sometimes you will expierence a serioues injury (Such as a tear, dislocate, etc) but not so much in Youth Football. So far on my team, we have had 2 players dislocate a bone, a torn acl to another player, and a concussion, but again, this is High School. I also recommend whoever is playing football to play in High School. In High School they teach you the proper techniques to avoid injuries on a tackle.

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