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Coaching a 12/13 year old football team?

Question by 7Fly: Coaching a 12/13 year old football team?
I have been asked to coach the offense of a 12/13 peewee football team for a city in september. I was wondering what type of plays to run with them. My dream is to run the pistol offense or spread…BUT … there only 12/13 and i need a good gunslinger for that…and plus i dont even know if they can grasp that, i am only 16 so this is a pretty big task.

I am very knowledgeable on offense, so in the comments if you put actual formations like “shotgun” or “wishbone” etc. i will know what it means :)

If you could list a few plays, formations and even link a few videos that would be great.

Also i am very aware of the west coast scheme so you can use that terminology too.

i would just like to here from you guys on what has worked with you personally or your kids etc.

Thank You

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Answer by A21
Double Wing is the easiest. I strongly suggest you join this site coach.

Bob your an idiot. It’s youth football, you can be an assistant coach at 16 for youth football.

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How often are youth injured in football?

Question by susieQ: How often are youth injured in football?
Is youth football safe? What type of injuries may happen?

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Answer by Metallica/Iron Maiden Are Beasts
It is. You have a helmet, shoulder pads, knee pads, and thigh pads. Youth football is safe. I play High School football currently and I’ve only been sore. Sometimes you will expierence a serioues injury (Such as a tear, dislocate, etc) but not so much in Youth Football. So far on my team, we have had 2 players dislocate a bone, a torn acl to another player, and a concussion, but again, this is High School. I also recommend whoever is playing football to play in High School. In High School they teach you the proper techniques to avoid injuries on a tackle.

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Need tips on coaching a youth football team?

Question by Jerry Sandusky: Need tips on coaching a youth football team?
I love coaching, and I really LOVE kids so I want to coach a team! What can I do to make this happen?

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Answer by Cody808
First you gotta find some old friends or neighbors who know the game well because you need an offensive and defensive coordinator and some other parents who would be willing to help out (its hard to coach a group of 40 kids who all play different positions at once). Maybe go ask some local high school coaches for tips and advice. Gie up some time to hold 2-3 hour practices 2-3 times a week, and don’t be afraid to make them run a little, its part of the game. Next, you gotta find some kids who actually want to play (atleast 35, make sure they have theyre own equipment because the equipment is what empties your wallet). Then find a league to join (yes there may be some fees) but it’ll be worth it if you really love it. Lastly, Be caring and understanding as possible, but don’t be afraid to yell, TRUST ME, fear is a motivator. SOOO with that being said, GOOD LUCK!

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